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Rajab 1422
October 2001
Volume 15-10 No:178

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Islam: A Home of Tolerance, not Fanaticism
Invoking Laden for War
Name the Terrorist
Nothing Justifies Terrorism
Heat, Hate Melting
Terrorist Attacks on America: Too Many Loose Ends
Hate will Subside
Old Footage of Palestinian Celebration: How CNN fools the World
CAIR PR Campaign


A Home of Tolerance, not Fanaticism

By Yusuf Islam

Yusuf IslamMedia speculation since the horrific terrorist attacks on America has pointed the finger at Muslims and the Arab world, and that has meant ordinary citizens of the US and other Western countries becoming easy prey for anti-faith hooligans. Shame.

Sadly, the latest horror to hit the US appears to have been caused by people of Middle Eastern origin, bearing Muslim names. Again, shame.

This fuels more hatred for a religion and a people who have nothing to do with these events. This is why I want to explain some basic facts about this noble way we call Islam, before, God forbid, another disaster occurs - next time probably aimed at Muslims.

I came to Islam in my late 20s, during my searching period as a wandering pop star. I found a religion that blended scientific reason with spiritual reality in a unifying faith far removed from the headlines of violence, destruction and terrorism.

One of the first interesting things I learned in the Koran was that the name of the faith comes from the word salam - peace. Far from the kind of Turko-Arab-centric message I expected, the Koran presented a belief in the universal existence of God, one God for all. It does not discriminate against peoples; it says we may be different colorus and from different tribes, but we are all human and “the best of people are the most God-conscious”.

Today, as a Muslim, I have been shattered by the horror of recent events; the display of death and indiscriminate killing we’ve all witnessed has dented humanity’s confidence in itself. Terror on this scale affects everybody on this small planet, and no one is free from the fallout. Yet we should remember that such violence is almost an everyday occurrence in some Muslim lands: it should not be exacerbated by revenge attacks on more innocent families and communities.

Along with most Muslims, I feel it a duty to make clear that such orchestrated acts of incomprehensible carnage have nothing to do with the beliefs of most Muslims. The Koran specifically declares: “If anyone murders an (innocent) person, it will be as if he has murdered the whole of humanity. And if anyone saves a person it will be as if he has saved the whole of humanity.”

The Quran that our young people learn is full of stories and lessons from the history of humanity as a whole. The Gospels and the Torah are referred to; Jesus and Abraham are mentioned. In fact there is more mention in the Quran of the prophet Moses than of any other. It acknowledges the coexistence of other faiths, and in doing so acknowledges that other cultures can live together in peace.

“There is no compulsion in religion,” it states, meaning that people should not be compelled to change their faith. Elsewhere it states, “To you, your religion; to me mine.”

Respect for religious values and justice is at the Quran’s core. The Quranic history we teach our young provides ample examples of inter-religious and international relationships; of how to live together.

“Terror on this scale affects every body on this planet. Yet we should remember that such violence is everyday occurrence in some Muslim lands”

But some extremists take elements of the sacred scriptures out of context. They act as individuals, and when they can’t come together as part of a political structure or consultative process, you find these dissident factions creating their own rules, contrary to the spirit of the Quran - which demands that those recognised as being in charge of Muslims must consult together regarding society’s affairs. There is a whole chapter in the Quran entitled Consultation.

Communal well-being is central to human life, so there is a concept in Islam called Istihsan, which means “to look for the common good”. Even though the Quran may lay down a diktat, scholars are also supposed to consider the circumstances prevalent at the time. Sometimes that means choosing the lesser of two evils or even suspending legislation if necessary: for instance, a person who steals bread during a famine is not treated as a thief.

Once I wrote in a song, “Where do the children play?” Our sympathy and thoughts go out to the families of all those who lost their lives in this tragic act of violence, as well as all those injured. But life must go on.

Children still need to play, and people need to live and learn more about their neighbours so that ignorance doesn’t breed more blind fanaticism. Moderation is part of faith, so those who accuse Muslim schools of fostering fanaticism should learn a bit more about Islam.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Ruined are those who insist on hardship in faith,” and, “A believer remains within the scope of his religion as long as he doesn’t kill another person illegally.” Such knowledge and words of guidance are desperately needed at this time, to separate fact from falsehood, and to recognise the Last Prophet’s own definition of that which makes a person representative, or otherwise, of the faith he lived and the one we try to teach.
The author is former pop singer, then known as Cat Stevens. He wrote this piece for The Guardian.


Invoking Laden for War

The US is under pressure from the arms lobby to wage a new war and expand its area of political and military domination

Maqbool Ahmed Siraj

Osama Bin LadenNo wars are fought without an objective. The war which the US wants to fight now should not be an exception. One knows too well that fight against dark, shadowy figures, operating out of tents and rugged hills of Afghanistan and filtering in and out of national borders, should not ideally require a war-scale preparation. The CIA operatives, so deft in liquidating ‘enemies of peace and justice’ and those ‘bent upon messing up the moonlit night of Free America’ should have been enough for the job. They could have been banked upon, for their experience in eliminating Chile’s Allende or kidnapping Noriega had been a massive success. Osama bin Laden could have been a small fry for them.

It is certain that if at all Osama is the target of the current campaign, he may well remain beyond the reach of the US’ firepower. Experience shows that the cruise missile launched during the Clinton era did not do any harm to him. ‘Terrorists’ who are ready to die can scarcely be deterred this way. Of course their possible hideouts, nodes and networks could be knocked out of operation temporarily. But not without spawning a cycle of vengeance.

So then the impending war should not be a war in conventional sense with two armies facing each other. It must have political ends much farther than just Afghanistan. The 1990 Gulf War once for all settled the military preeminence of the United States of America. The autocrats, tyrants, kings, shahs and emirs in the oil-rich Gulf secured their positions. The threat of spillover of Iranian revolution was stalled. Even the incipient germs of democracy were effectively paralysed. The US ensured that the levers on oil supplies from the region will now never be abruptly turned off as did they during the tenure of Shah Faisal. With even the Leftist Syria having been persuaded to join the grand alliance of forces against co-Baathist Iraq and the major adversary Iran moving into the neutral gear, the pliancy became an established credo. With the US forces entrenching themselves in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, Saddam still in power, albeit under suffocating US sanction, it became certain that any political activity that hinted even faintly of accommodating the popular aspirations will have severe limitation.

This time around the Americans are mincing no words in telling the world that their’s will be a long drawn out war and even involve some time to gather might in the Indian Ocean. Its ideological objective has also been explained clearly: “civilized nations against the barbarians.” The ‘barbarians’ plea for exchanging Osama bin Laden against evidence has been rejected without even the usual lack of embarrassment and squeamishness. Choices have been uttered in so violent terms that even potential fence-sitters are wary of appearing neutral. Either a nation joins the US or will be considered against it. Any third option is ruled out. Implied in this is the fact that all those “who cherish freedom and liberty” are expected to file behind the US. And country after country has accepted this inane, stupid and cowboyish logic under threat. Bullish intimidation has coerced most third world nations to choose the US company. For the poorer of the lot the crumbs and rewards it might confer have proved alluring.

The hysterical reaction of President Bush and propaganda war unleashed by the US (read Jewish) owned multinational TV networks lead us to three conclusions. First, one wonders if Laden is being invoked to hush up US’ own deficient surveillance. Second, it boosts US’ effort to get out of the arms control regime which impede punishment of ‘rogue states”. And third, to invent the possibilities of a war which none but the US arms industry wants.

When the Cold War ended the world sighed with relief. But the arms industry went into a depression. So the reprieve proved short-lived. Bush soon came up with National Missile Defence (NMD) and Theatre Missile Defence (TMD) plans. Reagan’s dream of ruling the world through star wars got another lease of life. The two programmes are aimed at protecting the US from missile attack, often from the territory of its allies and may even be maintained at their cost. The arms manufacturing lobby had been pressing the Bush Administration to invent new enemies even though the US taxpayer has been asking ‘why do you need such weaponry when the major enemy (Russia) is gone’?

The US military budget today is higher than it was at the height of cold war(1959-89) while Russia has cut down the weapons spending by 77 per cent. The three big arms manufacturers, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Raytheon managed to influence legislators to vote for adding $ 9 billion to the defence budget. They between them now receive $ 30 billion a year in defence contracts from the US Government. Once the NMD programmes come on stream, there will be panic to purchase NMD hardware from them. Going by the hostilities and arms race, China, India and Pakistan,(in that order) are expected to be early aspirants for this technology. And its cost being astronomical, none of these countries can escape going bankrupt in the process. Revival of ‘Star War’ project therefore hits two birds with a single stone i.e., establishing invincibility in nuclear warfare and impoverishing of the rivals.

A second guess points to the US ambition to gain access to the potential Central Asian region. Endowed with vast reserves of oil, natural gas and uranium and equipped with nuclear installations and space stations, this area is again ruled by a bevy of autocrats. Though Marxists turned market champions, they will only too happy to enter any arrangement that ensures their continuance, even at the cost of compromising their fragile sovereignty. If the war enables the US to install a friendly regime in Kabul and make Pakistan pliable, the cost is worth bearing. Little surprise then why there is talk of Zahir Shah being brought back to take the reigns. This much should be enough to ensure the safety of expressways and pipelines between Central Asia and Karachi.

It is 10 years since the US fought the Gulf War. It is a long, long period. Newer weapons cannot wait this long for testing. War is therefore a dire necessity if the US has to remain number one. And when billions of dollars of military spending is on offer, warlords and terrorists are big assets. No wonder why the same multinational media is keen on elevating Osama bin Laden to an icon. Questions of proven guilt or suspected guilt are therefore merely academic in nature.


Name the Terrorist

The war will allow the fascists to revive draconian laws curtailing civil liberties and Muslims will be specially targeted.

Hasan Mansur

US Trade CentreThe demolition of the World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon have brought “Terrorism” to the center of the world stage. The death of thousands of innocent civilians can by no means be condoned. This has angered President Bush who talked intemperately of America’s “first war of the Century”, between “civilization and barbarians” and vowed to “smoke them out of their holes”. Standing on a high moral pedestal, he has arrogated to himself the role of accuser and judge. All his protestations that it is not a war against Islam or Muslims will not wash when one notes the countries threatened by Bush.

The BJP’s India has rushed to support Bush’s “crusade” against “terrorism” and Jaswant Singh and Advani, uninvited, have offered all help to the U.S. The Sangh Parivar has found this opportunity God-sent and raised the ante against the Muslims and Islam. Their journals are spitting brimstone and fire to avenge the alleged wrongs of the past. To them it is Dharmayudh against Jehad.

People should be aware of the track record of the U.S. to know who the terrorists are. The Allies on the eve of victory in the Second World War saw U.S. on a genocidal spree raining atom bombs on Japan, killing millions of innocent civilians. Then there was the carpet bombing of Vietnam with napalm bombs that cost millions of innocent civilian lives. Iraq is recent history with millions of its children dying for want of health care thanks to the sanctions imposed by U.S. led nations. As for its record in Latin America, the role of the CIA has been documented how the dictators there at U.S. behest went on a killing spree of their own citizens ably assisted by American advisers.

Nearer home, the Union Carbide Corporation of USA (UCC) was responsible for the gas tragedy in Bhopal on the night between 2nd and 3rd December, 1984 which killed outright 8,000 civilians and injured 5 lakhs and another 8,000 died later. Even now, years after the event, 1.2 lakh men, women and children are ill with complications arising from that event. Yet the chairman of the UCC, Warren Anderson is declared as absconding, but he lives in the USA, a free man, never brought to justice.

The men of the Sangh Parivar, loudest in their denunciation of “Terrorism” have their own track record showing that they are not above board. The chariot of wrath that Advani rode mowing down hundreds, like a juggernaut and the Babri Masjid demolition graced by the presence of Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Uma Bharati and others and the violence that followed consumed thousands of innocent civilian lives and properties worth crores of rupees were destroyed, Member of the Sangh Parivar axis, Bal Thackeray’s genocidal command, “Punish the Muslims” took heavy toll of this hapless minority. None of them has been brought before the bar of justice.

On the pretext of combating “Terrorism” laws more draconian than the TADA will be brought in and past experience has shown that the minorities will be the victims, Muslims in particular.

The Asian Human Rights Commission has documented how every day Dalit men are murdered, their women raped and their homes burnt, amounting to thousands of lives lost. Yet the BJP Centre blocked atrocities on Dalits from being raised in Durban assisted by the West and she joined the latter in blocking raising of Zionism as a form of racism.

The most dastardly fallout of this threat of war will be the frenzy against Muslims stoked by the RSS and abetted by the Centre. On the pretext of combating “Terrorism” laws more draconian than the TADA will be brought in and past experience has shown that the minorities will be the victims, Muslims in particular.

The campaign against a war which is the USA agenda in which BJP’s India is raring to join, must be opposed by all Indians. It is most counterproductive for the Muslims to plough their sole furrow. This is a war by the political West led by the USA that is targeting not only the Muslim countries but the entire third world where the world’s poor live. This war threatens to extinguish civil liberties all over and hold the civilians to ransom. Muslim must be in the vanguard of a secular initiative which forbids space for legitimizing war, dub this war as unjust because it is racist and emphasise that terrorism has taken the form of a state, out to wage war against its own citizens. All Indians wedded to a pluralistic society of regions, languages, cultures and faiths must make common cause and oppose this unjust war that bids to cut at the very root of the human’s inherent right to life with dignit.


Nothing Justifies Terrorism

US Attack

Mahmoud Darwish

The catastrophe that hit America has only one name -- the Madness of Terrorism. This catastrophic event was neither a dark science fiction film, nor was it the Day of Reckoning. It was terrorism that is countryless, colourless, and creedless, no matter how many names of gods, deities and agonies of man it may have enlisted in order to justify itself.

No cause, not even a just cause, can legitimize the killing of innocents, no matter how long the list of accusations. Terror never paves the way to justice, but leads down the shortest path to hell. Nothing can justify this terrorism that melds human flesh with iron cement and dust. Nor can anything justify polarizing the world into two camps that can never meet: one of absolute good, the other ofabsolute evil. Civilization is the result of world societies contributing to the elevation of humanity.

In this context the insistence of modern-day Orientalists, that terrorism resides in the very nature of Arab and Islamic culture, contributes nothing to the diagnosis of the enigma and thus offers no solution. Rather, it makes a solution more enigmatic.

Therefore, when America searches for reasons to explain the animosity towards its politics, it must distance itself from the concept of the “conflict of cultures.” It should also dispense with the need to identify an ever-present enemy, necessary to test “western supremacy.” Instead, it should move into a political arena, where the United States can meditate on its success in the Middle East, where the great American values of freedom, democracy, and human rights have stopped functioning -- especially in the Palestinian context, where the Israeli occupation remains free from answering toInternational law while the U.S. provides it with what it needs in the form of rationalizations and justifications for practices which border on “state terrorism”.

Terrorism has no location or boundaries, it does not reside in a geography of its own, its homeland is disillusionment and despair. The best weapon to eradicate terrorism from the soul lies in the solidarity of the international world, in respecting the rights of all peoples of this globe, to live in harmony and by reducing the ever-increasing gap between north and south.

Security measures alone are not enough, since terrorism carries within its folds a multiplicity of nationalities and recognizes no boundaries.

The world cannot be divided into two societies, one for the rebels and the other for the officers of the law. But then, as we must understand, nothing -- nothing -- justifies terrorism. Courtesy: Al Ayyam. The author is a well-known Palestinian poet.


Heat, Hate Melting

Americans are turning to Islamic centers all across the country to know more about Islam, beyond what the CNN is showing. Senders of Hate mail are apologizing.

US Target Muslim

By Solomon Moore

It was a white-hot e-mail, still echoing with thunderous keystrokes: “Go back to your beautiful land

of sand and pig dirt, and take your Hate with you!”

Culver City-based, a popular Islamic Website, was an easy target after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. But Mohammed Abdul Aleem, the site’s chief executive, thought the insults had more to do with ignorance than anger, so he replied with a short compilation of Islamic scripture.

The next day, the writer’s anger had turned to shame: “I want to apologize for the hate mail I sent you the other day. I was upset by all the things that happened. My brother, who works in the armed forces, lost several of his friends at the Pentagon. . . . I appreciate your calm response . . . and as a result have since then come to my senses.”

Reports of ethnic profiling and sporadic attacks on perceived Middle Easterners persist, but Muslims in Southern California say they have been astounded by more numerous reports of restraint and kindness. They see it in the woman who brings roses to her Persian American colleague. They hear it in the reassurance of the auto mechanic who tells his Pakistani customer, “It’s Okay” to be named Mohammed.

The explosive rage that initially seized many Americans seems to have become less focused on Islam and the Middle East in general and more focused on Osama bin Laden and terrorists in particular.

The Holy Quran has climbed up fortnight’s Bestsellers list to occupy third position. Far from backlash, America is trying to understand the pain and agony of Middle-easterners.

Many Americans also are investigating one of the world’s great faiths and oldest civilizations. Bookstores are selling out copies of the Quran. University classes and teach-ins on the Middle East and Islam are filled to capacity. Middle East scholars are being invited on television talk shows repeatedly and being spotted on the street like celebrities. And many everyday Middle Easterners--Muslim or not--are fielding a daily barrage of questions about Islam from neighbours, co-workers and strangers.

“They don’t ask in a rude way,” said Mitra Mikaili, a Persian American who is a member of the Baha’i faith, a persecuted minority in Iran. “They say, ‘You are from that part of the world. What is your insight about this?’ They ask about the Muslim religion and the way they do things.”

Other local Middle Easterners are reporting more visceral expressions of support. On a call-in show on Radio Iran, KIRN-AM (670), one caller said her Wilshire Boulevard doorman had even gotten into the act.

“Since the attack, he hugs me every time I come home,” she said.

A Westwood psychologist, Nehzat Farnoody, said one of her colleagues gave her flowers and said, “Nothing has changed.”

Such displays of compassion come as a shock to many Muslims and Middle Easterners, who braced for a widespread backlash after Sept. 11 and are still keeping an eye out for scattered incidents of discrimination.

Some Muslims in Southern California say that public shows of support from political leaders, such as President Bush reading peaceful passages from the Quran, set the tone for the rest of the country.

“We are overwhelmed,” said Mahmoud Abdel-Baset, religious director of the Islamic Center of Southern California. Since the attacks, the Los Angeles-based center has hosted a steady stream of dignitaries, including Governor Gray Davis, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn.

There also was the quiet Christian man with anger in his heart for Islam. Abdel-Baset was locking up the center’s mosque when the man came in and wandered around for a moment.

“He said he had lost a friend in the World Trade Center attacks,” Abdel-Baset said. “He told me, ‘I want to come face to face with a real Muslim person. I want to overcome my anger toward Muslims and separate it from the people who committed this.’

“It was the first time he had been in a mosque, but I didn’t lecture him on anything, nor did he ask questions. He just wanted to see a real-life Muslim and talk to him. He cried on my shoulder. I cried too.”

Sarah Eltantawi, a spokeswoman for the Muslim Public Affairs Council of Southern California, said her organization has been deluged with requests for speakers and literature.

“I am a cynical person,” she said. “But I am heartened by the sincerity with which people are trying to learn about Islam.”

Eltantawi said the supportive response toward Muslims is especially surprising because of the treatment she received as an Egyptian American Muslim during the Persian Gulf War a decade ago.

“People had these inflammatory T-shirts [against] Iraq,” she said. “People were calling me a Jew-hater. It was terrible. It’s different now.

“I think people are desperate for an explanation of what happened, and getting to know Islam is part of that explanation.”

Katherine Koberg, the religion editor for online bookstore, said copies of the Quran are selling at unprecedented levels, with three editions on the religion bestseller list at one point.

Doug Dutton, owner of Dutton’s Brentwood Bookstore, said he has sold out most copies of Islam’s most holy book.

“Having seen other situations from the Gulf War to Iran contra . . . I’ve seen books on current events and history go like this before,” Dutton said. “This is different because these are people who are very interested in looking beyond the headlines and at the actual texts of 1,500 years ago.”

Richard Hrair Dekmejian, a USC professor on Middle Eastern politics, said this thirst for knowledge about Islam is a result of the powerful impact of the September 11 attacks and the general lack of religious knowledge in America.

“We don’t offer our citizens a comprehensive view of the world,” he said. “Now, all of a sudden everybody wants to know. I get stopped all the time because I talk about this on TV. . . . They stop and ask, ‘Is Islam violent? Why are they doing this?’ “
Courtesy: The Los Angeles Times


Terrorist Attacks on America

Too Many Loose Ends

WTC Explosion

The propaganda by the Jewish owned media with fingers being pointed at Middle-Easterners sought to hide several loose ends in the theories being floated by it.

Friends this is absolutely true. Even the Canadian intelligence stands behind these reports with documentary proof to suggest Israel was behind this barbaric act. Well before it happened, but they can’t say much at this stage, since they are an ally of America interesting though....??

What happened in lower Manhattan, in New York city on Sept. 11. 2001 was devastating and totally unacceptable by anyone who understands the value of human life. Thousands of innocent people, including several Muslims, lost their lives that day. My heart and prayers go out to everyone who lost their loved ones because of this tragedy.

Q. Were these hijackers Muslims? If yes, what kind of Muslims?

A. Not very good and true Muslims, I guess. There is a good reason why I believe that (if and only if they were Muslims) they were not good and true Muslims. So you ask, who is behind all this?

Let me give you the following reasons and hint as to who is behind this tragedy.

1.Who controls the media in America? And isn’t this true that most of the ordinary and average people like us believe whatever we see, hear, and read through media.

2.Why didn’t the hijackers (if Muslims as projected) care about over 3000 good Muslims who worked in the twin towers daily? If their motive was to bring these buildings down, they could have done that over the weekend or at nighttime when very few people are in the buildings. Why do this attack in the morning hours? When everyone is watching, in real Time on TVs all around America.

3. Who was that gentleman on the street at about 9:08 am with a cam-coder in his hands making the video, which captured and recorded the incident of the first plane hitting the tower?

How come he was there at the right place, at the right time?

Media involvement !! Planned act of terror, and again who controls the media?

Chain of events happened in U.S. gradually, and step by step.

Moments after the collapse of the WTC, media showed Palestinian kids and one lady in hijab (symbol of Muslim women) clapping, singing, and celebrating. Different TV channels reported to the American viewers that Palestinians are happy and celebrating American loss while the entire America is mourning this tragedy.

My question? In Palestine, did anyone notice the time zone; it was morning here and same daylight time in Palestine (very interesting)

4. The FBI reported that one of the suspects Mohamed Atta and others were on the list for most wanted in car and bus bombings in Israel. At one time the Israeli army captured this person and few years later he was released by them.

What happened when he was in Israeli jail?

Brainwashed, funded and harboured, forced, set up, paid off in mighty $.

My question? How in the world did Atta and his associates enter the U.S. borders, live on the U.S. soil, receive training to fly planes openly when he was on the FBI wanted list, without the protection umbrella. And a free ticket by someone very powerful in the U.S. to roam around without the fear of getting caught.

5. FBI received a tip from a passenger who boarded a different plane and reached his destination safely that he had a confrontation with two Middle Eastern gentlemen at the Logan airport in Boston. He gave FBI the exact location of their stranded car parked in the lot, where FBI found the (Manual on How to Fly a Plane) in Arabic language. Also, they found the information leading to the rental car and credit card information with which the two plane tickets were purchased from Boston to Los Angeles.

My question? People capable of plotting and executing such a sophisticated Plan would leave the Arabic language manual and other information in the Rental car to be found later by the FBI. How dumb is that by the professional terrorists.

6. The FBI reported that they traced the attackers to Florida where the FBI was told by the bar manager that the two suspects came into the bar couple of days ago and drank liquor heavily (Good true Muslim and drinking, well Yes I know some Muslims who do drink alcohol but true Jihadi Muslims? Never.

My question? Drinking and fighting with the bar manager over the bill, a high risk of getting the police involved, jeopardize their well thought out and long awaited plan. I don’t think so.

7. One report said, struggle in the plane, which crashed in Pittsburg, PA. Two Phone calls were made from the plane. One man called his Mother in California for (one full minute) in which he told her that the plane has been hijacked, he loves his mother and family very much, also that hijackers have sharp knives. No description given at all about the ethnic background, race, colour of the hijackers etc.

Flight attendant called her family and told them that hijackers have knives, she has been stabbed, and even told them the seat number of the hijackers but no description on who are they.

My question? Were the hijackers hiding their faces? Why could not both callers see, judge, and identify the hijackers’ identity?

8. Plane tickets were purchased by credit card of Mr. M. Atta, leading FBI teams to the Hotel in Boston where three of the helpers were waiting for the FBI after almost over 29 hours of the initial attack on WTC.

How idiotic is this for people who are assigned and trained to pull of an attack and destroy World Trade Center, the landmarks of success and freedom of America. Some said that while the associates of hijackers were waiting for the FBI to show up and arrest them, they ordered pizza with black olives and took turns taking shorts snaps. Just Joking.

10. 1n 1993, unsuccessful WTC bombing happened, 6 people died, over 1000 injured. Several Arabs were arrested including Mr. Mohamed Ramzi Yusouf in Pakistan. Still in jail in Colorado awaiting his punishment. HBO Movie in 1995 (Road to Paradise) in which the story of the WTC was told and at the end of the movie Mr. Ramzi Yusouf was quoted looking at the Twin Towers, “Next time we will bring them both down”.

My question? Who the hell made that movie and predicted in the movie that this will happen some day in the future and how did they reach this conclusion? Again, who controls and operates the Media and Hollywood in America?

In Conclusion:

There is a good reason to believe that Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Ariel Sharon and Israeli Intelligence is behind this tragedy. So far they have been very successful in killing one or two. But here was an attempt to shoot three birds with only one bullet.

** Create hostile conditions for Muslims in the U.S and all over the world. Show and make people believe that the Islam teaches them to kill innocent people, in the name of Jihad .......when, it is exactly the opposite. Islam is a religion which preaches Harmony and Peaceful Co-Existence.

** Biggest threat to Israel in Middle Eastern region (Usama Bin Laden) and make U.S. public, U.S. government, and the entire World believe that he is the mastermind behind the American tragedy and have him killed by the U.S. militarily. Basically, create chaos between Muslims & Christians, sit back and watch over and benefit from the chain of events and destruction among Muslims and Christians.

Prime example : Threats of retaliations and attacks on Muslims and attacks on Muslims in America have already begun on mosques, schools, and at workplaces. Good and true Muslims are being called terrorists, harassed for something they have not done, influence over. As a Human being, I hope and pray that whatever happens in the coming days, months, and years brings peace and calm to our beautiful world.

At last let it be said, Well done ! Mr. Sharon of Israel, (The true masterminds behind the American tragedy)


Reactions was deluged by a vast number of letters from all corners of the globe following the terrorist strike in America. They carried hate, anger, anxiety, extreme disapproval, condemnation, sorrow and pain. A sampling of these are being reproduced for our readers in the print form. Editor


Thanks for blowing up half of NY. We’ll be back soon enough with a ‘minuteman postcard’ signed love from America and we’ll see if you are still dancing in the streets of the West Bank then.

[email protected]

Violence Against the Innocent

I am a practising Muslim. I have been concerned for some time now about acts of violence perpetrated by Muslims in their struggle against those they are in conflict with in which unconnected people lose their lives. Please enlighten me with quotes from the Holy Qur’an and Hadith as how are these actions justified.

The matter has suddenly assumed frightening proportions because of the attacks on American installations in which thousands have been killed and wounded. I am confused and troubled as a Muslim and I would be grateful for a detailed and reasoned response.

Shariq Jamal, [email protected]

Murder in the USA

I’m sure the Islamic cause has leapt ahead today. I congratulate you on the successful murder of so many innocent people. As they travelled around the USA they were most likely plotting the extermination of Islam. As they arrived at work they were most likely developing plans to exterminate Islam. Why did these people have to be murdered? Who will be the next? I’m sure there are an increasing number of people will be plotting the extermination of Islam, from primary school children who have lost parents, to old women who have lost grandchildren.

Perhaps I am wrong and Islam is a peaceful religion and it is the followers of Islam who are truly innocent. Islamic willingness to participate in civilised society can only be demonstrated by the Islamic fraternities uniting and delivering the guilty to International Justice.

Brian Woolf from Australia, [email protected]

We Humans

We, human population of this very earth have already an organisation called UN, yes! United Nations. Don’t we miss a “UR”? What? Yes of course: United Religions. If You like so, please forward this Q.

Benny Aalto, Finland, [email protected]

Speak Up

I have a few concerns regarding the tragic events over the last few days: Where is our Muslim representation? Whereare the leaders who can respond and react to the anti-Muslim sentiments that have been stirred on by the media, by Congressmen and others? Where are they to speak out and voice our concerns, speak on our behalf so that we do not have to live in fear of being attacked?

I haven’t left the house in two days because of this. Where is the voice of our Ummah? Where are our Imams? I see Rabbis and Priest standing together against terrorism, where are our Imams? Why are they not standing next to them? Muslims died in the WTC and at the Pentagon too...if this was any other group, so many representatives would be clamouring to speak up for their community. You are our voice ...please do something. Please say something. But please do not stand by and allow these prejudiced few erase our voice, scare us psychologically and physically. Please do not allow the media to trample us in such a manner.

Suja Amir, [email protected]

Don’t Destroy Progress

At one time, Islam was a shining beacon in a dark world filled with ignorance. Muslims worshipped, worked, invented, wrote, painted, built and every human potential was realized. The results are with us today in mathematics, science, medicine, philosophy and religion. While Europeans were wrapped up in politicized religion and suppression of science. It is now Islam that is living in the dark ages of politicized religion and suppressing anything mullahs deem in their opinion to be against the Koran.

I ask you to explain. What happened? When did Islam take a downward spiral and reject God’s promise of giving the human race the potential to progress?

Why did Islam lose its intellectual and creative sparkle. It seems the focus now is on developing creative ways to kill as many people as possible.

Although I realize not all Muslims are to blame for the violence, there is blame for the passivity that “mainline” Muslims are showing in light of these actions.

To sit around complaining the world is against you and labeling anyone who is not Muslim as an infidel is the easy way out. It is much harder to work for progress than it is to work in destroying someone else’s progress. You must recapture the good that has been lost. I wish you luck. In the meantime the “woe is me” attitude does nothing but steal your hope and your potential. That fact puts us all in constant danger that will force armed conflict that is going to consume many lives.

Joe Biernacki, Houston, Texas. [email protected]

Plea For Forgiveness

While we are all devastated by the recent attack against the US. Perhaps almost as tragic is the undeserved backlash it has caused against many Muslim communities in much of the “free” world. As a Christian, I know that our faith-groups have not shared a peaceful history, too often due to the abuse of the name of Jesus that Christians have used to justify their own acts of terror, such as the Crusades.

After such an act of terrorism and violence as we have witnessed in the U.S., our instinct is to find the “monster” who is responsible and exact swift and fierce justice. However, as justice is often a slow process and so distanced from us as the general public, our confusion, fear, and anger too often spill over onto easier targets. Even before firm evidence had connected these acts to Islamic extremists, Muslim communities throughout the U.S., Canada, and around the world were receiving threats of violence, public rejection, and discriminitory judgements on both their culture and their faith. And even now, when ties have been made with these few extremists, sweeping generalizations about the millions of peace-loving Muslims have caused even more violence.

Though we cannot expect our anger to disappear or our hunger for justice to soften, even more crucial is that we do not let these attacks to poison our hearts against our fellow humans. If we allow media hype, investigative speculation, and massive cultural or religious generalization to plant the seeds of hatred in our hearts, then we become the greater casualty of these attacks.

We are very different in many ways, and though I do not expect us to forever lay down the differences in our core beliefs, I do believe that we can stand together in the commonality of our humanity to see peace and reconciliation established. I therefore offer my prayers and my service to you in this time. If there is anything that I can do, please do not hesitate to ask.

Jamie Arpin-Ricci, Vancouver, Canada


Hate will Subside

I am writing because I have heard through the news media that there have been instances of hate mail directed at Islamic websites. I sincerely hope these have been few, but still I thought I would write. I want you to know that most Americans are very well aware of the huge contributions made by Islam to world culture. Indispensable mathematical concepts, incredible architecture, dazzling works of art. To list these contributions is merely to scratch the surface. Please do not let a few idiots speak for a great people. The stength of America should be in our diversity. We are not one country. We are every country. I am sure this seldom seems the case in a political sense. This too is changing, however, I am confident that any hateful letters that you receive will soon taper off, but if there is anything that I can do, please do not hesitate to write back. Further please know that the vast majority of Americans wish you well.

Michael O'Bannon, [email protected]


Old Footage of Palestinian Celebration

How CNN fools the World


Washington D.C: Brazilian Journalist Carvalho has come out with clinching evidence of how Jewish owned super-power of communication CNN has shown 1991 footage of Palestinian celebration on TV immediately after two planes hit the twin towers of World Trade Centre at New York. The CNN had retrieved the old footage from TV Network’s morgue and began using it during coverage of the destruction. These images belonged to 1991 when Palestinian had celebrated the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. However CNN maintains that the footage was captured after the incindent.


CAIR PR Campaign

Washington, IINA: The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has embarked on a $ 3 million public relations campaign to improve the image of Islam in the United States.

It aims at offsetting the media and public pressure on Arabs and Muslims in the US in the wake of the terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

“We have already started a campaign to project the real message of Islam and the positive role of Muslims in America,” the statement said. As part of a campaign to promote a positive image of Islam, CAIR has purchased a full-page advertisement that will appeared in the Washington Post on September 16 (Sunday)). Similar advertisements have been planned for USA Today and the New York Times.

The CAIR, a Washington-based advocacy group, said, “The American Muslim community is deeply saddened by the massive loss of life resulting from the tragic events of September 11th. American Muslims unequivocally condemn these vicious acts of terrorism. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims. We also extend our gratitude to the heroic fire-fighters, police officers and emergency medical workers who continue to risk their lives in the ongoing relief efforts. We join with all Americans in calling for the swift apprehension and punishment of the perpetrators of these crimes. May we all stand together through these difficult times to promote peace and love over violence and hate.”

The CAIR reported 210 incidents of violence or threats of violence since September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.


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