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Islamic Voice.. The Voice of Islam.

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I) Which Columns you like most in I.V.? (Number them according to your judgement, 1 for Best, 2 for Interesting, 3 for Inspiring, 4 for Informative, 5 for Enlightening, 6 for Useless, 7 for 'to be stopped forthwith'.)

1. News  10. Prophet's Medicine
2. Community Round up 11. Our Dialogue
3. Editorial 12. Women in islam
4. Community Initiative 13. Zakir Naik's Column
5. Opinion / Viewpoint 14. Children's Corner
6. Insights 15. Prophet's Medicine
7. Understanding Quran 16. Why I Embraced Islam
8. Haidth 17. Reader's Comments
9. Quran & Science 18. Matrimonial

II) What other areas you think should be covered by

III) Would you like more photographs/cartoons to appear in the website?

Yes  No  On a selective basis   

IV) How many members of your family browse the 

V) Your comment on language used by the

1. Language is just all right 4. It is tough 
2. Fine, but needs to be simpler 5. It is substandard
3. It should be a bit more sophisticated 6. Any other remark

VI) Would you like to subscribe for a hard copy of Islamic Voice?
If yes how would you like to make the payment.

1. Credit Cards :  Visa  Master   

2. Any other Mode of payment you prefer

VII) Do contents evoke any action from you, if so by what means?  

By sending e-mail

Expressing support for a cause to some organization

Sending donations to some NGO

Making  further Enquiries

Writing a letter to the editor

Attending some event

Downloading some articles / news and sending it to others for reference.

To inform your friends / relatives to access this website

Responding to matrimonial ads

Any other 

VIII) Only for Non-Resident Indians

If you are a non resident Indian residing abroad please fill these columns

1. City you are residing : 

2  In case decides to bring out an e-magazine with similar contents in any other language which language you would prefer?

1. Hindi     2. Urdu    
3. Any India regional language  (Name of the language) 

3.  What information/News/Reports/Happenings which is of interest and value to you that you would like to be provided?

4. In case we update the latest information/Reports/on weekly basis? Are you willing to pay a small annual subscription to access the site.

Yes    No     
If yes How much US$  

IX) Future Plan of Action

Islamic Voice plans to expand its activites in Media, Research and Publication.
* To establish Media centre and a complex in Bangalore city, India with state-of-the-art media infrastructure to accompolish the activites mentioned below:


Institute scholarship for Journalism and media courses


To impart short term media courses etc.


To set up a library for print and audio-visual media


To produce documentary films on Muslims, Islamic and Minority issues their art, heritage and culture, profiles of personalities and their contribution.


To launch a children's journal (pictorial & colour) in English.


To bring out Islamic Voice in Urdu and Hindi


It is weighing option to turn the print version of Islamic Voice into a fortnightly.

We invite our readers' cooperation, support and contribution to fulfill our Media plans. 


Are you willing to support our project?   If yes  
Are you willing to contribute to our project by way of small annual subscription of US$ 5 to access the website.

Yes I am willing to pay US$ 5

No I will insist on free access to the website

Any other
options you prefer for contribution for the project

We plan to launch the website by 1st week of every month and update on a weekly basis in case of subscription.

Note: The access to this website will remain free till a sizeable number of browers and readers accept the suggestion with respect to subscription.




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