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April 2006
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Wanted Bridegroom

Assam: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter M.A. (English), 29 yrs./5’5”, fair, smart, good looking, very religious, good communicative skill, working in MNC Bangalore. Father RTD. Class-I Officer (Govt. of Assam). Groom should be religious, gentle, tall, good looking, preferably Eng/P.G. Doctor/MBA/Bank Officer and well settled from a respectable and religious family. Dowry seekers please avoid. Contact: No. (03662) 230105 ฎ, Mob: 094352-53689, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Bangalore: Proposals invited from S/W Engineer SM boys, age 26-30, minimum ht.5’8” for a beautiful, fair, telecom Engineer working in a reputed S/W firm in B’lore. Contact Phone-91-80-22067550/ 22100648, E-mail [email protected]

Bangalore: Syed parents require Rishta for their daughter B.D.S. age 27 years, working, from Syed Sheik boy should be religious professional qualified decent family Contact: phone no. 986057144.

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter M.S.C. (Psychology) 29 yrs, 5’4” working with soft ware firm, form religious and qualified boy. Contact: 080- 25532292.

Bangalore: Sunni Syed Muslim parents invite alliance for daughter fair, age 23 yrs, height 5’2”, M.COM. Groom should be well educated well settled. Contact phone: 25658229 or email: [email protected]

Bangalore: 40 years young looking divorcee, educated, issueless, working Sunni Muslim lady seeks alliance from an educated, moderate thinking Sunni Muslim, age up to 44 years. Contact: 080-41510793, [email protected] (I.V. BOX NO: 04/017)

Bangalore: SM well educated family invites alliance from a Bangalore based respectable, educated family. Boy should be BE S/W engineer. (Working abroad / Bangalore). Age 27-30 yrs, height above 5’7”, slim and handsome, for a BE ( 5’4”, 24 years, slim fair and beautiful girl (working abroad on a prject for a reputed Bangalore MNC). Contact: email: [email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim Syed parents seek alliance for their daughter, 25 years, 5.2”. Law graduate, completed 2 yrs deeniyat course. Religious, homely & namazi. Groom form decent family, Bangalore based, professionally qualified, soft ware engineer, working in MNC / or well placed. Contact: 9886299864 / 23350949. Email- [email protected] or (I.V.BOX NO: 04/016)

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their youngest, good looking daughter, B.Com, 25 years, 5’4”. Boy should be professional, engineer or well-settled businessman from decent, broadminded Bangalore based family only. Contact: 9448202776/9844005430.Email- [email protected] I.V.BOX NO: 04/027.

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their daughter BDS, aged 25 years, 5’6”, fair complexion, religions, observing hijab, groom should be Doctor/engineer and from a decent family. Contact: 080-23337127, I.V.Box No.04/699, M-9342503370.

Bangalore: Proposals invited from software engineer Sunni Muslim boys, aged 26-30, min-imum ht, 5’8 for beautiful, fair, 24 years 5’2”, telecom engineer working in a reputed software firm in Bangalore. Contact: email- [email protected], 91-8022067550/22100648.

Bangalore: Syed parents require rishta for their daughter, B.D.S., age 27 years, working from syed / sheik boy, should be religious, professional, qualified, decent family. Contact Phone No.9986057144

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim Parents invite alliance for their daughter B.E. (Telecommunication) employed, 27 years, white complexion, very beautiful – 5’1” height. Groom should be either doctor or Engineer, preferably employed in American or European countries. Contact: 26595772, E-mail [email protected]

Bangalore: S.M. Mother invites alliance for her daughter, aged 27 yrs, B.A., PGD in HRM. Groom should be well educated employed in Dubai or USA, early Marriage. Contact: I.V.Box 04/013 Email. [email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their only daughter, aged 21 years. Diploma in Architecture, Wheatish Complexion, Simple & Religious, from suitable Employed Graduate Boys preferably in MNC, Below 28 years from, Bangalore only.Reply to I.V.Box No.04/014.

Bangalore: Alliance require from Sunni “Syed” respectable families with for their daughter, M.Sc (Botany) – Gold medallist, fair complexion, 5’, 25 years, groom required Doctor / Engineer / Post Graduate (Science) suitably placed. Contact: 9844509957.

Bangalore: S.M.Parents seek alliance for their daughter 29 yrs, divorced, humble & kind, good looking Dip. In C.Sc., Employed. Looking for a Decent Match, from well settled family. Those interested can contact: 9880655611, E-mial [email protected]

Bangalore: S.M. Baig parents seek alliance to their daughter 23 years wheatish complexion, educated family. Boy of decent educated family, must be employed, graduate/P.G./Diploma. Contact: 25471524.

Bellary: SM parents invite alliance for their daughter M.Tech (V.L.S.I DESIGN & EMBEDED) working in a reputed S/W firm Bangalore, fair, 26 years, height 5’3”. Groom should be engineer / doctor / MCA employed. Contact: 9448939290. or email- [email protected]

Bijapur: SM Parents seek alliance for their only daughter. 25 yrs, 5’1”, fair, BDS, lecturer in dental college. Groom should be God fearing, BE/professionals from MNCs or well-settled BDS / MBBS- preferably post-graduate. Contact: 9844170199/9845243464 / 08352-270803. E-mail [email protected] or (I.V-BOX.NO: 04/019)

Chennai: Sunni Muslim parents invite suitable alliance for their daughter, 23 years 5’3”, religious, observing Hijab, Slim and decent looking, fluent in English, Urdu and Tamil, M.A. (M.Phil) in English, intending to take up teaching profession. Contact: 9444282939 / [email protected]

Chennai: Wanted educated, pious bridegroom for sheik, graduate girl, fair, 162cm, pious, well versed in cooking, decent marriage. Contact Islamic Voice Box No.04/010.

Chennai: Sunni Urdu speaking Syed Muslim parents invite alliance for daughter 24/168, graduate, fair, slim, beautiful, very religious, observes Hijab. Family originally from Hyderabad but settled in Chennai. Boy should be religious, fair, age bet.27-32, Ht. Above 5’7” with clean habits, BE/MCA/Doctors/Btech, working in India or Abroad, Preferably from Hyderabad and Karnataka. Contact: 044-55911993 E-Mail ID: [email protected]

Chennai: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance from professionals preferably Chennai based family, for their only daughter. 30 / 5’4”, BE software manager in reputed MNC at Chennai. Contact: I.V.BOX NO: 04/040. Email- [email protected]

Hyderabad: Andhra Sunni Muslim parents settled in Hyderabad. Father class 1 Gazetted officer. Affluent family. Invites alliance for daughter, fair, beautiful, religious. Born Jun 80. 5’4”, MSc (chem.) lecturer. From professional boy, equal status families preferred. Contact: 040- 23396099. Email- [email protected]

Mysore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter, good looking, age 27 yrs, height 5’5”, B.E (E&C) and M. Tech working in CISCO Bangalore. The boy should be professionally qualified, Karnataka based, settled either in Karnataka or abroad. Contact: 9845988775.

Mysore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their daughter, good looking, age 27 years, height 5’5”, B.E. (E&C) and, working in MNC Bangalore. The Boy should be professionally qualified Karnataka based, settled either in Karnataka or abroad. Contact: 984598875.

Srinagar: S.M. Parents seek alliance for their daughter, working as Govt. High School Teacher, aged 27, height 5’4”, fair. Boy should be well settled in Karnataka, businessman or government employee. Contact 08182-309502, 9448160460, 934109261.

Tumkur: Sunni Muslim family invites alliance for their daughter, 23 years, 5’3”, M.A, homely, religious, wears hijab, fair, slim from post graduate/ software engineer, religious, cultured, well settled businessman / employed in India / Abroad. Contact: 9886101500 or Email- [email protected]

Wanted Bride

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents seek fair, beautiful girl around 5’5”, educated, religious, from decent family, for their son, settled in business, B.COM, computer graduate, 27 years / 6 ft. Contact: 57724143.

Bangalore: Syed parents seek alliance for their son, B.E, M.B.A, 5’8”, 30 yrs, slim, handsome, working in London, U.K. as an engineer, from a Bangalore based respectable, educated family. Girl should be convent educated, BE S/W/CIVIL, MBBS, B.SC, height 5’3”-5’4” age 23-25 yrs, fair, slim and beautiful with great family values. Contact: email: [email protected]

Bangalore: SM parents seeks a fair & beautiful bride, age up to 25 yrs, height above 5’5” engineer / doctor from a decent religious & educated family for a tall & handsome Sunni Muslim boy, BE (CS), working in a MNC @ Bangalore, 29 yrs, 6’2”. Contact: 26680127 / 9448648714. Email- [email protected]

Bangalore: S.M. parents seek alliance for their son, B.E. M.S. computer science, 27 yrs, 5’6”, good looking, slim, working in U.S as software engineer. Bride should be good looking, slim, preferably B.E, M.B.B.S, B.D.S, M.B.A, M.C.A, from educated & respectable family. Contact: Email- [email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for daughter, B COM 27, fair, beautiful, slim, religious 5’4”. Graduates/professionals. Contact E-mail: [email protected] or Ph: 080-25491821/9845734111 (Ismail) Dowry seekers keep away.

Bangalore: SM parents seek alliance from a girl, age above 27, engg. Graduate in C.S. for SM boy working in U.S.A. as software engineer. Contact: Email- [email protected]

Bangalore: Alliance invited from educated & religious Muslim families for boy, B’Architecture, 29 yrs, 5’10”, fair, slim, educated family, working in reputed company. Girl should be religious below 25 yrs. Contact: Ph: 56959071. Email- [email protected]

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents of Karnataka invite alliance for their son, S\W Engineer, 29 yrs, 5’7”, fair and very religious from tableeghi or religious families. Girl should be religious, intelligent, educated and good looking, preferably from south India. No demands, simple marriage. Contact: 080 4193 9616. Email: [email protected]
Madavaths / Matrimonial consultants can also reply.

Bangalore: Alliance invited for a doctor, M.B.B.S, 27 years, 5’6”, height presently working in Riyadh. (K.S.A). Drawing salary Rs. 72000/= (6000/= SR, monthly). Bride should be a doctor, age 23 to 25, religious, good looking, from Sunni Muslim family. Contact: 9342828916.

Bangalore: Bangalore based, Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son, age 30 years, 5’7”, fair, B.SC, B.ED, working as teacher in GHS. The girl should be T.C.H or B.ED, Govt job must, age 25 years, good, cultured & namazi family. Contact: 9845513733.

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their son, 29 years, 5’6”, B.E (E & C), fair, handsome, working as software engineer in MNC at Bangalore. Girl should be B E, software, beautiful, from educated, respectable, well-settled family. Contact: 9880815032 Email: [email protected] I.V.BOX NO: 04/032.

Bangalore: Urdu speaking S.M. Shaikh parents invite alliance for son, 27 yrs, 5’4” fair, healthy, graduate, S/W Engineer, well employed in a reputed M.N.C. Namazi with good habit from suitable (Alima, Hafiza can also apply). Educated girls from decent family back ground. Contact: 9448018385. Email: [email protected] I.V.BOX NO: 04/030.

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim businessman, Bangalore. Shaik, 35 years, simple with clean habits, needs bride around 24 to 28 years, P.U.C. Height around 5’3”, from good family. Even divorcees without issues are accepted. Contact: 26559975.

Bangalore: Sunni Muslim parents seek alliance for their son, 28, 5’9”, performed hajj, B.COM and Diploma in Airport Operation (Dubai) presently working in Airlines as a Customer Support Executive, Bangalore Airport. Girl should be religious, wears hijab, smart, preferably working, should be settled in Bangalore. Contact: 9886101500 or Email: [email protected]

Bangalore: Alliance invited for a Sunni Muslim boy, 32, tall, handsome, religious, MCA (innocent divorcee) working as senior software engineer in Canada, from tall girls, MBBS/BE (CS, IT) from educated respectable family. Apply (080) 26686728 or I.V.Box No.04/2343.

Bangalore: S/M Urdu, age 35, height 5-7, fair & slim, engineer, business and land lord, own commercial & residential property, in Bangalore, well to do income: rental Rs.50, 000/- plus business income. Good family back ground, seeking good match. Apply I.V.Box No.04/039, Bangalore-47.

Hassan: Sunni Muslim parents invite alliance for their son, B.E. (Isntrumentation Technology) 28 years, 5’8”, working in MNC at Bangalore. Girl should be beautiful, Slim, below 25 years, Graduate, Engineer, Doctor, Preferably from South Kanara based. hanfi religious and educated family. Contact: 08172267866 / 9448816678.

Kerala: Sunni Muslim orthodontist 35/170, fair, religious, dawa minded own clinic, worked in KSA, seeks BDS or Medical Graduate girls. Contact: I.V. Box No.04/036, B’lore or Email: [email protected]

Kolkata: Alliance invited for urdu speaking sunni religious Muslimah doing M.A. (ENG). 28 yrs 5’3” fair. Family has strong shareeh belief & practice. Dowry and non shareeh aspirants please excuse. Contact: I.V.BOX NO: 04/026.

Mysore: Sunni Muslim well to do Syed Urdu speaking parents invite alliance for their son, B.E. Software Engineer, high salary, occupying high place government service, Dubai, 28 years, 6 feet, handsome. Girl should be Doctor/BE/MCA/B.Sc. within 24 above 5’5” (Must) beautiful and fair. Contact: 0821-2544610 Cell 9845314651 E-Mail- [email protected]

Tumkur: Sunni Muslim educated, religious, official family, seeks alliance for son, M.C.A, 29 yrs, 5’9”, Engineer, reputed company at Bahrain with family status from well educated, respected, religious family. Reply with BIO DATA to I.V.BOX NO: 04/007.

Wanted Bride and Bridegroom

Bangalore: Parents invite alliance for son 33 years 5’7" graduate working in UAE,  daughter 25 years 5’4" graduate, suitable educated matches, Bangalore based. Contact : 9449066790. or email: [email protected]  or IV. BOX NO: 04/043.

Classified Advt.

HOUSE FOR RENT, House for rent available in Rajajinagar, 4th block (near mosque), 3-bed room house. 1000 sqft. For details contact: 9343716031

PROFESSIONAL MATRIMONIAL ALLIANCE: Offers suitable alliance for both bride and groom from respectable syed, shaik, sharief, baig and lababeen families. Educated officers / doctors / engineers / executives of MNC and well settled boys in U S A, gulf and other foreign contries. We arrange alliance for divorcees and widows also. Contact: 9342545382. (MAVALLI, BANGALORE- 560004)