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April 2006
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Bouquets and Brickbats

Planting Fruit Trees
After reading “Secret in the Seed” by Harun Yahya in Islamic Voice, March 2006, I remembered a parable I had read somewhere. Once an old man with only little strength left in his body realises that he has done nothing to benefit the society or for that matter has not been of help or use to any one in his life. So he approaches a saint and asks, “how can I serve humanity, as it is too late”? The saint replies, “ The rest of your life, you indulge in sowing the seeds of fruit plants till your energy drains out. Your labour will be ‘fruitful’ to you and to others even after your death.”

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Fear of God
Obaidur Rahman Nadwi

Criminality is on the rise. Murder, loot, sexual offences, kidnapping and even cyber crimes are increasing day by day. What is the main reason behind these obnoxious acts? Due to lack of fear of God, we see these menaces around us. Unless fear of God is instilled in human beings, these unscrupulous acts will not cease. Moral courage, honesty, integrity, wisdom and sense of justice and equity will automatically become obvious if there is a sense of accountability. The existing laws have failed to infuse any fear in anti-social elements. Fear of god is the best remedy to avoid every kind of unholy act and it will make our lives happy, comfortable and cheerful.

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Spiritually Enriching
Md. Maaz

The article, “ Trials Prepare the Believers” in Islamic Voice, Feb 2006 was very thought-provoking. It boosted my spiritual and moral strength to a great extent. Please publish many more such articles which will enrich Muslims spiritually.

Silent Marches
Dr M.S. Quraishy

It was very interesting to read the Editorial, “No Freedom to Satarize” in Islamic Voice, March 2006. It appears self-destructive and ridiculous to see Muslims in a free country like India indulging in shouting, screaming their throats hoarse and resorting to violence and destruction of public property. Muslims are supposed to be disciplined and they should use their right to protest in a peaceful manner like, silent marches. Protests in Muslim countries which are mostly ruled by unelected dictators is all stage-managed and meaningless. But in a democratic country like India, Muslims should show restraint and act in a disciplined fashion.

Power-Hungry Politicians
Nazir Ahmed

This is with reference to the article “ Diminishing Returns from Tactical Voting” by Maqbool Ahmed Siraj in Islamic Voice, March 2006. The writer talks about betrayal of the so-called secular politicians for the sake of power. The present-day politicians have neither any idealogy nor any principle or ethics. They are just opportunists. Their only ambition is to grab the kursi by hook or crook. These power-hungry and self-seeking politicians will make alliances with any party with any ideology for the sake of power. Instead of looking at the political parties for the upliftment of the community, we should follow the example of Jodhpur Muslims who are building a fortune for themselves without the help of politicians. Allah also helps only those who help themselves.

It's Sheer Prejudice
Tahaseen Anjum

I was hurt and upset to read some words in the article, “The Lack of Muslims in Officer Ranks is due to their Educational Backwardness,” By Omar Khalidi in Islamic Voice, March 2006. He states, “as far as the armed forces are concerned, I state that lack of Muslims in officer ranks is due to the Muslim’s educational backwardness. This is true of the situation in police and paramilitary as well. And the reservation policy in the IPS, state police recruitment hurts Muslims more than upper caste Hindus, because Muslims are a lot more educationally backward.” I feel that it is sheer bias that Muslims are denied entry into elite fields like IPS, IAS, Police and Military. This is because of the prejudiced attitude of the Indian government and the recruiting faculty. Equal opportunity is given to all who are able to deliver the goods with efficiency and ease. But unfortunately, this concept is not practised while recruiting Muslim candidates in IPS, IAS, Police and Military in our country. There is bias and injustice towards the Muslim community when Muslim candidates are perfectly equal and parallel in every conceivable angle when compared to those ‘lucky ones’ from other religions.

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Dream of a United Ummah
Abid Ahmed

Muslims all over the world seemed very united when it came to protests against the Danish cartoons. The media too published many articles scripted by Muslims and non-Muslims. It was heartening to read many pieces by non-Muslims who wrote in support of the Prophet (Pbuh) in the mainstream media. As a young Muslim, I always dream of a Muslim community which remains united for all times. But I sort of lose heart when I see Muslims in their daily lives not following the ways of the Prophet. They involve themselves in so many innovations. Why does not the community then have a common platform where such differences in practices can be resolved and all practice the pure Islam revealed to us by the Almighty? Maybe I am asking too much!

Delete and its Over
Mohammed Shahid

I recently read an article which focused on mobile phone mentality. The core idea was that if a person deletes a number from his Cell Phone memory, it seems he or she has deleted the person from his or her life. It gives a psychological satisfaction, says the writer of the article. My question is, are relationships or friendships so fragile that a little instrument called the mobile dictates the trend of interaction between people? With Talaqs being done over the SMS, I am wondering where the world is going. At least as Muslims, let us not get carried away by these electronic gizmos around us which may be here today, and gone tomorrow.

Stories of Converts
Afreen Jaleel

I have been reading many Islamic magazines. Most of them publish articles about new converts to Islam. They could be from any part of the world. It is Allah’s grace that they embrace Islam. Most of them have studied Islam, researched the religion and then finally decided to come into its fold. But why is it that after reading three or more such stories, it becomes very mechanical. Some where, sometime, the stories stop touching the heart. But yet, when one reads the stories of how the companions of the Prophet (Pbuh) came into Islam facing so many hardships, it really touches the heart and soul. They never had books, the internet, the facilities that we have today, yet their story sounds so pure and down-to-earth. Probably that was the beauty of their taqwa.