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October 2004
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A Common Islamic Constitution
By S.A.R. Adil
The need of the hour today is for the Muslim opinion makers to make a distinction between the Jewish state and the Jewish people.

When I think in retrospect with an open mind and after giving due weightage even while allowing scope for exaggeration to all that I have read in newspapers and magazines and seen on TV, I am now convinced that Saddam was indeed evil and there is no doubt he had to go. There is a lesson in this for the Muslims the World over and the sooner we become wise to it, the better. We have to be united and just. Iraq was being ruled by Sunnis and the majority Shias were completely marginalised from the mainstream politics and power centre. Similarly in most of the Sheikhdoms, the Power is in the hands of the Monarchs or Sheikhs. This too is completely unacceptable. It is high time Power is shared by means of equitable distribution of Wealth and the common man has a greater share in the affairs of his Country. American form of Democracy is certainly not the answer but there is much in it which can be blended into a form of governance which will combine the best of all forms. A close study of our beloved Prophet Muhammed SAS and his Sahaba e Ikram’s conduct will surely help in developing a form of governance which will be equtable and just. If only the Muslims the world over come together on this one issue and put together a foundation which will work to develop a COMMON ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION, the entire Islamic World will get bound together and in one stroke we would have achieved Unity. About Palestine and the atrocities being committed there by Israel, the Muslim opinion is largely predictable in its condemnation of Israel. What we forget here is that the Jews too have a similar mindset in as far as their own opinion is concerned. Unless we come out loud and clear and make it known to the World that we are not at all against the existence of the Jewish State as it used to exist before the War in which the Arab lands were annexed by Israel, the Jews will continue believing that the Arabs are against the State of Israel and are bent on their annihilation and this very notion allows them to get away with such repression and blatant occupation of the Arab Lands. They say they need this Land as a buffer to stop the suicide bombers from entering Israel proper. Our opinion should always provide for our acceptance of Israel as a sovereign independent Country and at the same time stress on the need for the Palestinians to have their own Country too. The need of the hour today is for the Muslim opinion makers to make a distinction between the Jewish state and the jewish people. We have to understand that there are people in Israel who genuinely want peace and who knows might even be extremely uncomfortable with the state policy of repression of the Palestinians by their Govt. These are the people we need to target. It is they who need to feel reassured that they can indeed live side by side with the Arabs in security and peace. The Muslims and their code of conduct is not what is generally bandied about by the jewish infected Western media but in truth we subscribe to the way shown by our prophet Muhammed SAS and the standard bearers of Islam following him. They need to be reminded about the conduct of the Muslim army under Caliph Umar first and Salahuddin later when he took Jerusalem on 2nd Oct’1187. The Jews who were earlier exiled from Jerusalem under the Christian rule were invited to come back and allowed to even build a synagogue and so too the Syrian and Armenian christians who were allowed to continue living in Jerusalem and their churches were protected. This is the true character of Islam and this is how the Muslims should be known the World over.

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Bonding With The Poor
By Seema Saleem
United Economic Forum is a registered charitable society set up in 1989 by Ghiasuddin Babu Khan, a builder by profession. Speaking to Islamic Voice, Ghiasuddin said that the UEF was established to carry out programmes of education and socio-economic upliftment for the under priveleged sections of the society. The Village Education project through which UEF has endeavoured to provide literacy in interior rural areas of the state has recorded an excellent performance. It provides free education, books and uniforms to more than 10,000 poor children in various districts of the state, and 2600 students in the Hyderabad slums every year. All these students are helped through their college education in various institutions. United Economic Forum has also been actively working with relief programmes during riots, earthquakes and floods. It played a very prominent role in the relief and rehabilitation work after the riots in Gujarat. Ghiasuddin Babu Khan has also established the Hyderabad Zakath and Charitable Trust in 1993 with the basic aim of centralised collection of zakath so that an organised system of distribution is devised. The Trust conducts extensive surveys to identify meritorious, but economically backward students and helps them continue their studies.“The trust has grown in its activities through the years and has a budget of 1.5 crore every year. Our main aim is to bring education, medical and employment aid to the door-step of the poor,” says Ghiasuddin.

(UEF, 1601, Babukhan Estate, Bashirbagh, Hyderabad,-1.
Ph : 040-23232583
Email :

Let's Go On Record!
Lakhs of Muslims sacrificed their lives for this nation. Do you know their names? Maybe two or three! Just go back to the 17th century and you will discover the involvement of Indian Muslims in the freedom movement. Muslim heritage, educational institutions, NGOs, social workers and freedom fighters cannot be wished away and forgotten. A group of 50 students from Al-Ameen college, Bangalore have set up COMTI (Contribution of Indian Muslims towards India Research Foundation Trust) to collect existing literature on Indian Muslims and their monographs and biographies. According to Riazuddin Ahmed, Director, COMTI, the centre would also serve as an information zone for tourists about the Muslim heritage. Over 6000 specimens have already been collected on the Muslim contributions and the centre welcomes members from the community to join this movement to save history and restore the dignity of the Muslims.

For further insight get in touch with Riazuddin Ahmed, COMTI,
No 21, 10th cross, Tank Garden,
Jayanagar First Block, Bangalore-560011.
Email :