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October 2004
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Letters To The Editor

Sad Story of Orphanages
Dr M.S.Quraishy
I am a frequent reader of Islamic Voice by Allah’s grace and appreciate your presentation of views. It is good that you make your magazine a more diversified journal by publishing articles like “when you talk, wear a smile,” by Ruhi Nayeem.

Your concern about Muslim Orphanages is very genuine and it is very unfortunate that Muslim Orphanages all over India have miserably failed to produce any outstanding personality from their schools. This has to be taken very seriously. In the same issue of August 2004, your comments about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is certainly true. It is a feudal kingdom and the country is run by a group of princes with no involvement of the common people of the country. There is no transparency and no accountability. But the Kingdom does marvellous work for Islam especially during the Hajj.

Urdu in Doldrums
It is very sad to know that the DED, second year Urdu text books are not yet printed. The matter was brought to the notice of Jaganath Rao, Director DSERT, DDPI and even Ramprasad, the publisher. But no action and improvement has happened. In the D.ED (T.C.H), there are 17 Urdu colleges, apart from 20 Urdu new colleges, in which 592 students are studying. In Karnataka, no one is bothered about Urdu. What is the future of Urdu?
Islam-a Way of Life
Dr Abdus Salam
Muslims in the past respected life, they valued education and religious knowledge. Just think for a while, the beautiful ordains of Allah for every aspect of our lives. But are we following it in practice? Islam is the religion of love and brotherhood, but now practically the enemy of a Muslim is a Muslim. Islam is the perfect way of life, if the Muslims want progress, they need to follow Islam in its true spirit.
Dogmas and Muslim Clergy
Mahmood Hussain
Two very nice articles were published in Islamic Voice of July 2002. One was by Dr. Jeffery Lang (reviewed by M.A.Siraj). The title of the book is “applying reason to faith.” The other is by Tashbin of Pakistan and the title of the book is “Muslims are letting Islam to die.” Both the authors have dealt very nicely about the blind following of dogmas as preached by the Muslim clergy. The holy Quran lays great stress on reason and rationalism. This is given a go-by the orthodoxy. Dr Jaffery Lang concludes that if a scripture is supposed to be the source for all humanity, in all times to come, there are bound to be various interpretations, About two years ago, an article titled “ A Debate on Tolerance” was published in the Dawn- of Pakistan. I request Islamic Voice to go through articles written by renowned scholars and publish their views which are scientific and rational.

Allah Alone is Divine
M.Khader Ali
In our society, there is a section of people who claim divinity for themselves. The term “divinity” is wrongly ascribed to human beings, objects and creatures. It is seen that the so-called godmen, diviners, tantriks and some religious heads claim for themselves this divinity. Their followers and devotees because of their perverted faith worship these god-men. Divinity is a unique power that belongs to only Allah. Even Jesus Christ never claimed divinity nor did any of the other Prophets (Peace be upon them). So Allah alone is divine and should be worshipped.

A Request from Pakistan
Muhammad Rashid Magsi
I am very interested in Islamic literature and being a Muslim, it is my duty to know more about it logically and scientifically. For this purpose, the Quran is the best reference. But there are many other aspects of daily life like evolution from the Islamic point of view, evolution of the universe, existence of God and Islam and science. I encounter many atheists and other people who raise many questions on Islam. To preach to them in an easy way, I need authentic books on Islam. With no access to the internet, I request the readers of Islamic Voice to give me some good references or if you can send me some good books on Islam, I will remain grateful.

Muhammad Rashid Magsi, P.O.Box 7500, Sheet No 23, House #44/1, Near 9C Stop Model Colony, Malir Town, Karachi 74500, Sindh, Pakistan.

Give Up Hypocrisy
Umer Shaheed Ansari
Islamic Voice is doing good service to educate the Muslim masses by keeping them informed with the latest developments in the Islamic world, though there is little sign of Islamic governance in the so-called Islamic world. It is seen that Muslims like other religious communities are just maintaining their identity adopting certain rituals like namaz, roza and zakat. But this is not enough. We as Muslims must strive to reform our society and make it a model for others. Be it marriage, divorce, dowry, dogmas, illiteracy, housekeeping or health, we must adopt revolutionary measures based on the Quran. Hypocrisy, flattery and pseudo-religious activities are not going to make in-roads in our lives. These are against the teachings of Islam. It is a pity that we hardly introspect ourselves when we say we are proud to be Muslims.