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June 2007
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Community Development

A Glance at Ameen Trust
By Staff Writer

Ameen Trust was started way back in January 26, 2001 by few like minded Muslim youngsters of Hoskote Town. Hoskote is a town with a sizable Muslim population, for years there was no considerable Muslim activity till the formation of the ‘Ameen Trust’. Today ‘Ameen Trust’ has been carrying out umpteen activities irrespective of caste or creed. The activities of the trust have become truly Ameen.

The aim of the Ameen Trust is to push the Muslim community forward both educationally and economically. Mohammed Ziaulla, Secretary of Ameen Trust is a committed person for the just cause of progress of the Muslim community. He says “The activities of the community to go beyond just circumcision programmes or organising marriages”. How truly he speaks that we need to look beyond our narrow minded tendencies.

Both religious and non religious affairs are part of the Ameen Trust. Under religious schedule of the trust, special emphasis is given to the girl child in imbibing their religious knowledge in Madrasa-e-niswan at Hoskote town nearly half a dozen places theological classes are conducted for both the sexes in different batches in the name of madrasa-e-khairul Uloom. Apart from these a modern madrasa is also functioning for the last one year. Here a fee of Rs. 150/- per student per month is charged for the theological class. The class is equipped not just with the books to read but also has access to computers and other audio visual learning and teaching aids. This experiment is very successful and is giving dividend.

Women receive utmost attention of the activities of the trust. Under the banner of the trust it is been running successfully tailoring and embroidery training courses for the last couple of years. Beneficiaries of these courses are irrespective of religion, caste or creed but it is purely meant for the women coming from below poverty line. For three years after the successful completion of the course these women were provided with the sewing machines with the help of the donors. The trust has financial limitations and it is difficult to carry out service completely free of cost at every activity that they conduct.

Ameen Islamic library is yet another feather in the cap of the activities of the ‘Ameen Trust.’ A vast collection of books on theology, literary, Islamic is a boon to those who have quest for acquiring knowledge. A large collection of both audio and video CD’s on Islam, Personality develop-ment and carrier guidance is enough to enhance the input to the students. Apart from the students any one who has habit of reading or viewing can borrow the books, cassettes and CD’s free of cost.

Special congreg-ations are organized on every month. Mualima’s from various parts are invited to deliver lectures to the women congregation.

Health and related services are part of the trust. So far 26 persons have been operated for by-pass surgeries and nearly 50 persons are getting free insulin for diabetic cases completely free of cost. Dr. Noor Khan a cardiologist is actively involved in providing medical aid to the needy especially from below poverty line.

Every year during Zul Hajja free Haj camp is organized for the Hajj aspirants. The members of the trust involve not just in training the Hujjaj in the performing of various rituals if the Hajj, but assist every aspirant in filling the application upto the takeoff and the safe return home after performing the Hajj.

The trust has acquired a land measuring 32ft x 50ft in the heart of the town and has constructed ground and first floor. Much of the activities which they use to organize in a rented building has moved to the own building. They have a ambitious plan to start a quality school, on lines with international schools in the days ahead. As a first step the trust has adopted Govt. Urdu school on experiment basis. Even here during the mid-day meal a side dish on behalf of the trust is being provided free of cost. Note books and uniforms to all the students are also provided with absolutely free. Shortage of funds and experienced hands is yet another factor that the trustees are facing in propagating the activities of the trust to the wider spectrum of the people.

(Ameen Trust, Near Gangamma Gudi, Sri MV. Extension, Hoskota - 562114. Ph.: 9448047931).