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December 2005
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Workshop Diary

Workshop Dates
A.W. Sadathullah Khan


I. DATES: DECEMBER 24, 25 & 26, 2005
For Student of Medical,Engg.,graduate and Post-graduate

Mirza Ghalib Street, KOLKATA- 700 016

II. DATES : DECEMBER 29, 30 & 31, 2005
For Organizers from various organizations, Teachers, Staffs…

Venue: Al-Ameen Mission Campus

Vill-Khlatpur, P.O. Dihibhursut, Dist- Howrah-712408, West Bengal.

Organised By: Al-Ameen Mission,# 53 B, Elliot Road, Kolkata -700016.
Tel: 033- 22293769 /30973580 / M-9433011730

General Secretary: M. Nurul Islam
Contact Person : Dildar Hossain: 9830199596


DATES: JANUARY 6, 7 & 8 2006

TIMING : 9.00 am TO 5.30 pm

VENUE: Barkatullah Bhavan
(Near Central Library) BHOPAL


* Mrs ASMA EJAZ: MOBILE : 98270 86337
* MR MOHD ASAD : MOBILE: 98262 90786
* 418419 N2B GOVINDAPURA, BHOPAL -462023
* 125, Khan Manzil , Ibrahim Pura, Bhopal- 462001


DATES: JANUARY 27, 28 & 29, 2006

TIMING : 9.00 am TO 5.30 pm

VENUE: Haj Bhavan
Sir Syed Ali Imampeth, 34, Hearding Road, PATNA


MRS NISHAT AHMED : 0612 2263390

MS ATIYA : 09431018126,
228/3A, New Pataliputra Colony, Patna – 800013


Dates: FEB 10, 11 & 12 2006
Venue : Tandoori Palace
Broadhurst, Gaborone

I. FEB 17, 18 & 19th 2006
II. FEB 21, 22 & 23th 2006
III. FEB 24, 25 & 26th 2006

March: 3, 4 & 5th 2006

* Mr. R. Arabi : Tel: 3102217
* Mr. M. Ahmed : Tel: 39363308
* Mr. A.M. Aboobakar
P.O. Box 361, Gabrone, Botswana
Tel: 267-3905124 / 72108962 Email:


DATES: MARCH 18 ,19 & 20 2006

President, Al-Ameen Welfare Society, Bagharbari Road, House No. 21, Panjabari, Guwahati-781037, Assam. Tel No: 0361-2333962. Email:

Life's now Sweeter than Sandesh

The Kolkata folk are fond of sweets… sandesh, basanta bahar, badsha bhog… Sweets are eaten and forgotten. But this winter, the people of this city were treated to a path-breaking experience that brought a brand new sweetness and freshness into their lives. The “Discover Yourself Workshop” conducted by A.W. Sadathullah Khan in Kolkata and Behrampore, Murshidabad helped the participants take charge of their lives. Participants from age 15 to 70 turned over a new leaf promising to lead a life as Khalifas of Allah.

Here they share their experiences of the workshop.

Responses of Kolkata Workshop

MD. SAAD (15 years): One quality that every one close to me always complained about me was my short temper. By participating in the workshop I have learnt to control my anger. I am feeling really happy and light from inside. The word ’Resistance’ which always acted as a wall between my parents and me has been busted and now I am more frank in my conversation with my parents. I am feeling enlightened and invigorated. Previously I used to think about my past (happier times) and used to waste a lot of time pondering over it. Now I have realized that by doing this I was only ruining my future. After the workshop, my family members have come close to each other. I am really thankful to Mr. Khan for conducting the workshop. It’s really good to see that people like him are still alive.

AZAAN (15 Years): Attending the workshop was a great experience. I would love to have this great experience again. I am able to control my temper; I am calm and a forgiving person. I have two younger brothers, I am setting an example for them too and they are following me. We use to fight a lot before and now I am ignoring the fights. My parents have attended the workshop earlier and I have seen a big difference in them. I want this workshop to be held more frequently and also to non-Muslims.

KAMRAN (23years): It was an extra-ordinary experience, I learnt to share, to participate, to express and most importantly I declare that now on, the power shall be with me. I shall not surrender to the Shaitan; I will catch it before he can strike. I will be responsible, I will live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment and I know this can only be achieved by surrendering my ego, pride and selfishness. I am transformed. Thank you, I am amazed at your commitment to humanity. You have given 200%; you have kept your word.

NILOFER (48 Years): I thought I would not gain anything and did not believe in things printed in the pamphlet. The simple method you have adopted, as a teacher teaches a Child, student or anyone having no knowledge, is just unique. What other dawah people could not do practically in 10 years you have done it in 3 days (Actually in 24 hrs, i.e. 8hrs X 3days), Mashah Allah. The younger generations will prefer your method of presentation as it will enter their heads faster and actions will be fast and good. Keep it up lots to write. Please do this workshop in Dubai as many will benefit Inshah Allah as I have many relatives their, I want them also to experience this workshop. I suggest that you should spread this workshop to other places in the world.

MUSARRAT (40 years): I wanted to acquire elevation and contentment in life, but was unable to find the path. You have rightly coached me. Sania Mirza is a topper because she has the potentiality (Allah’s gift) plus her will power and coaching. Inshah Allah I will be your best student, what Sania is to her coach. I will bring laurels to my coach, my family and myself in both the worlds (Inshah Allah). My husband is working in Sudan and I have requested him to hold the workshop there and Inshah Allah it will happen.

NAZ (34 years): I expected this workshop to be a very serious affair with lots of intellectual people and intellectual conversation going around. But after coming to the workshop I felt that it was a very light affair with lots of fun and laughter but with a very serious mission of putting across the message of Islam in a very interesting way to the younger generation and to those who have forgotten the real purpose of their existence on this earth and have got lost in this materialist world. By Mr. Sadathulla Khan’s extra-ordinary presentation, each and every individual whether young or old got engrossed in every word he uttered and every move he made. If there are few more Sadathullah Khan’s in our today’s Society, I am sure by Allah’s grace our materialistic Society is bound to change. Please conduct this workshop again at the earliest possible.

GHAZALA (38 years): This workshop has changed me completely from inside; it has polished my character and helped me to change the way of my thinking. It ended my depression, which often crept my mind. Now I am the representative of Allah the Almighty and will do the best for the family, Society and to other Muslim brothers and sisters. I thank the organizers and Mr. Sadathullah Khan for his excellent way of conducting the workshop. I thank Almighty Allah from the core of my heart that I am in the workshop when I needed it most. This workshop is very optimistic and gives the person the power to build ones self-confidence by the grace of Allah.

RAMEEZ (18years): I got lot from this participation. I am washed off with the heaviest burden that I was dragging with me all these years. Now onwards Inshah Allah I will never stammer and fear in life. I have over powered my stammering and gained confidence. I am very grateful to you and the organizers of this workshop. You have really made a difference in my life and in the lives of many others, Thank you very very much. I would like to suggest this workshop should be for six days.

ZOHRA (35 years): I left the habit of cursing myself. I forgave all and myself. The most difficult thing was to love myself the way I am. The face and physical appearance, which I was cursing since my childhood suddenly, I don’t know how? I started loving. Earlier I use to think of altering my face and figure but I realized that I am best as I am. I thank Allah and sir for that. My family is passing through a difficult phase due to my brother’s accident but now I have full faith in Allah and in myself Inshallah, I will make an impact on my family.

Responses of Berhampore (Murshidabad)

ARPITA (35 years): Before attending the workshop “Discover Yourself”. I did not know the true essence of life. I only was only thinking about myself. I was an arrogant, short tempered and unforgiving person. But after attending the workshop, I am experiencing the importance of `Present Moment, Forgiveness, Sharing and Hijrah for Allah’s sake. Now I think I have got true meaning and purpose of life. I came to know who I am? I am getting free from all hidden problems, which had made my life miserable. So, now I chose to live a loving, forgiving and peaceful life. I think I am the luckiest person to get this opportunity to attend the workshop. Thank you very much for my purification.

PARVEEN (38Years): First of all I thank Allah and Sadathullah Khan sir for helping me to join the Al Falah Mission English School in Berhampore. Earlier to this appointment I was working in Haryana School. Alhamdulillah I liked the workshop and I have benefited from it. Last, but not the least, I thank the management of Al Falah Mission for organizing this workshop in the school. I would not have got a chance to attend this type of workshop if I had continued to be in Delhi. Delhi life is too busy, engulfed in western culture, running blindly after materialism and high society. I would request sir, to hold this workshop in Delhi also, so that our brothers and sisters over there could benefit. You are really doing a great job. You have made me aware of my weaknesses. Your way of presentation with the help of examples and actions was really excellent. Although I was in a habit of forgiving others but still it was completely a new experience for me, when, in the workshop I forgave all those people who did wrong to me and I felt very light-hearted. This workshop really purified my heart. Before attending the workshop I was worried about my old age and my health, as I became disabled after some complications during delivery of my child and I also lost my child. I have no issue now and I am alone. I used to always worry as to who would look after me in my old age. But, now, I am not at all worried. As guided by sir, now, I live in the present. Keeping faith in Allah and performing good actions, Inshah Allah, I will overcome any barriers and live a good and purposeful life. I got new purpose to live. As promised by sir, at the end of the workshop there was no trace of questions, problems or worries in my mind. My mind is absolutely free. I pray to Allah for sir’s long and healthy life and I request sir to please visit our school once in every 3-months so that we teachers and students could benefit regularly.

JOHAR (15 years): I got all the solutions to my problems in this workshop. The workshop was very nice, useful and excellent. Before the workshop life was boring. After attending the workshop I got the meaning and purpose of life. I realized my mistakes. I got Mukti, salvation and I feel free. I have become confident. I am new person now. After these three golden days I have come out from darkness to light.

TAMANNA (47 years): I have got many things from this workshop. This is my second workshop. After attending the first workshop my life had totally changed. I got a new life. My husband had all these qualities, which are told, in the workshop. After my husband’s death I was in search of all these qualities among people. But it was in vain. I started to think- Are these values useless? After attending the workshop I found that these are invaluable. These values only make real human being. Now, though I have many problems in my life, I am not worried. Now, I only want to do my work, Allah will solve my problems Inshah Allah. I want to live with these qualities, with deep faith in Allah. I choose to be forgiving, patient and confident.

MORSALIN (25 years): I have accomplished many things from this workshop. The teaching technique is excellent. I have taken him as my ideal teacher and a source of inspiration. The workshop has brought about a significant change in my life and also a turning point. I got confidence to speak before a large audience of strange people.

RAFIQUE (41 years): Through this workshop I over came anger. I started listening and I forgave everyone. I can say that I have lost many valuable years of my life. I was irresponsible and mischievous. This workshop is necessary for every human being. Thank you for purifying me. I shall change my way of life by the mercy of Allah. I chose to live a peaceful, helpful and happy life.