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December 2005
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Just for the Young

The Good Kid
By A Staff Writer

Despite the accolades and awards, Seema Afreen Azher remains the simple youngster who holds on firmly to her Indian and Islamic roots.

Munching on chips, gulping down coke, all this while watching the latest music video, sprawled on a sofa…. all kids abroad do this-said someone. Think again! Branding all youngsters settled abroad into this “personality type” is just not right. Think, Think again.

Far away, across the seven seas is Detroit in the USA… set amidst greenery stands the majestic Michigan State University (MSU). Just take a walk around the campus until you reach the library. Surrounded by a pile of books, tapping away on the computer keyboard, you will spot a youngster-Seema Afreen Azher-the sole Muslim medical scholar pursuing her studies at MSU. Through sheer hard work and merit, Seema was among the 10 candidates who was selected for the course study. Daughter of renowned scholar, intellectual and speaker, Dr. Qazi Siraj Azher, who is also based in the USA, Seema was recently honoured with the prestigious Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Award 2005, for her merit and leadership qualities at the Indian Muslim Council Annual Function. This award is conferred every year on Indian Muslim students based in USA and who exhibit exceptional leadership qualities and meritorious performance in education.

Seema has inculcated the Islamic values of modesty and hard work from her parents who encouraged her to pursue career- oriented education. When she was in the Fourth Class, Seema would spend a lot of her time studying and reading books. While Walt Disney’s cute Tom and Jerry cartoons may be part of her collection, Cups, Certificates, Medals and Awards adorn her room. Travelling to Turkey for the UNESCO International Environmental Project, she won the Second Merit position. At the University, Seema has been the dynamic leader heading the Science Committee initiated by her. The Committee promotes student participation in various competitions and activities related to Science. Seema also puts her pen to best use as Editor of Science Observer Journal.

Being the recipient of the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Award 2005, Seema was in the spotlight of the TV channels in the USA. Infact, the National Television Channel of America featured Seema and her achievements under the programme-“Good Kid of the Week”

Despite the accolades and awards, Seema remains the simple youngster who holds on firmly to her Indian and Islamic roots. Not the one to be carried away by the American glitter and glamour, she has set her goals in life strongly to commit herself to serve the society in every way she can –just like her parents.

(Seema Afreen Azher can be reached at qsazher1@yahoo .com)

The Hrudaya Team
By A Staff Writer

Three young students from Bangalore have developed a prototype for blood monitoring Bangalore: Three students from the Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) have developed a prototype of “Blood Saturation and Hematocrit Monitoring System”, a real time on-line monitor which is used during heart surgery in operation theatres.

The students, Mirza Fasihuddin, Sundar Subraman-yam and Zakir Ahmed, all of them are from the department of Electronics and Communications at the BIT. They were guided by Mrs. K. Nirmala Kumari, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Electronics and the product was validated at Narayana Hrudalaya, the famous heart hospital in the outskirts of the city with the support of Dr. Devi Shetty. They worked closely with the doctors to develop a cost-effective system which is ideal for Indian conditions and would cut down the operation costs. This device can find extensive applications in operations related to newborns in particular and adults in general.

The current device used in operation theatres normally is imported and is very expensive, hence adds to the cost of the operations. Also, it being a single hardware module poses maintenance issues. This system called “Hrudaya” is very cost-effective and can be manufactured indigenously.

The device was displayed at a press conference in the city last month. Speaking on the occasion, . Jaiprakash, Principal, BIT said, “ We are proud of the fact that our students have developed such a system, which will ultimately benefit the common man and bring medical care within his reach. We are hopeful that companies will come forward to take this prototype and make it a commercial product”.

The Hrudaya Team firmly believes that there is scope for indigenously developing such products, and more so, since these devices are the need of the hour in the country. They wish to put in more efforts in research and development of similar health care products. Their ultimate aim is to make healthcare affordable for the common man.

(The Hrudaya Team can be reached at hrudayaonline

Names of Allah
(Al-Haqq (The Truth)

“And they shall know that Allah is the manifest Truth.’ (24:25)

Allah is the only Reality, so manifest, so high and so great.

“ He is the Truth and what they invoke apart from Him-that is false.” (31:30).

He is the only True God and thus has every right to be worshipped.