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December 2005
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Children's Corner

Do You Know Why the Continents Are Moving?

If we look up a map in the area of Atlantic Ocean, we find the coastlines of South America and Africa are so well-matched that if they are kept side-by-side they can almost be joined together as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.In 1912, a German scientist -Alfred Wegner put forth the “Theory of Continental Drift.” He suggested in his theory giving various reasons that all the continents of the world were once joined together as a single landmass. Over a period of millions of years, they slowly shifted apart to their present positions that we find in the map.The continents of the world are made up of solid rock. However, the rocks that are deep down below the surface of the earth are in the form of a molten liquid. This molten rock because of its turbulent state lets loose a series of slow currents, which causes the rocks of the continent above to slowly spread out, stretch, breakup and finally drift apart.The Himalayas formed because the land mass of India moved north and pushed against the Asian continent. According to the estimates of the scientists (who study Plate Tectonics) and geologists, the earth is still spreading out and expanding in size at the rate of two cms to 20 cms a year, and as they drift apart, the shape of the continents of the world would look very different than what it is today, over a passage of time. Is this not a marvel by Allah Almighty?