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December 2005
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Bouquets and Brickbats

Bold Step
Abdul Alim

With reference to the Editorial-“Don’t Seek Exceptions” in Islamic Voice, Oct 2005, I consider that Islamic Voice has taken a bold step to speak out in everyone’s favour. When I spoke to my friend, he agrees that playing of bhajans from temples can be stopped because it sometimes get extended throughout the night, but for Adhan (during dawn), he prefers to seek exception stating that adhan takes only a couple of minutes. I guess, we Muslims need to mature more in order to extend our thought process so that we respect and accommodate others’ value. I also appreciated the column by Sadathullah Khan on “Fuzzy and Fizzy Intentions”. This is yet another article that openly criticizes the ‘settling the score’ attitude. We, Muslims should compete with one another in what is considered to be good, but at the same time, we should refrain from blaming others just because the product is promoted by the West or Jews or Christians or any other denominations unless the intent of their product is to take a hostile attitude towards Islam or to undermine Islam.

Abdul Alim,

Trap the Culprits
Aafreen Khanum

Apropos to Muta Marriage (Bouquets and Brickbats, Islamic Voice October 2005 by Shabana Khatib), this devil’s act has to be stopped. Unfortunately, there are a few Muslims who for money can do any heinous crime. To solemnise a marriage, the basic essentials are a Qazi, a few witnesses and record in the register of the local mosque. Attempt to stop this ‘prostitution’ as the writer has rightly called is to track the Qazi, the witnesses and get details from the marriage record kept at the local mosque. Local political leaders, sensible Islamic scholars and the local Muslim NGO’s should come forward to trap those who assist in such Muta marriages. Warning should be posted in all local mosques that severe action will be initiated against those who assist in such Muta marriages. This may deter these culprits to some extent. The Indian Consulate should seize passport of such Arabs who come here to promote prostitution, in the name of Muta marriage.


Women and Hijab
Abu Nayeem Md. Huda
Islampur, West Bengal

Thanks to K.S. Shiab for his good letter and protest against the article- “Wedding with a Difference” in Islamic Voice, August 2005. Photographs of women without the hijab goes against the spirit of Islam. I am sure Islamic Voice too has woken up to this fact by now and my favourite paper will be now more sincere in its efforts to promote Islam by refraining from publishing such articles in future.

Muslims, Science and Space
J. Usman Mohammed

We find movement everywhere. Planets move, the earth is moving around its own axis. We witness movement in the Animal Kingdom as well as in the plants in various forms. But human beings use means of transport to move around. The Quran mentions that there is provision made for man by God to move about on land and by sea. The question of air travel has been lingering in the minds of many scholars with reference to the Quranic revelation. In this context we may refer to Surah 55-Al-Rahman, verse 33: “ O company of Jinn and Men, if you have the power to penetrate (all) regions of heaven and earth, then penetrate them, you will never penetrate them, save with our sanction.”

The present need is for Muslims to participate actively in scientific explorations and technical knowledge about Space and Air travel. Islam has not forbidden us to explore new avenues where technology can be used to make means of transportation faster and comfortable.

Calendar Controversy
Ahmed M. Kalnad

This is with reference to the letter, ‘Tampering with the Calendar’ by Dr. S.A. Zahir, in November 2005 of Islamic Voice. Dr. Zahir has commented upon Ali Manikfan’s idea of calculating the first of Ramadan. Mr. Manikfan had assumed the date 01. 01. 01 of Hijrah was on a particular week-day and he had worked back to arrive at the correct week-day for starting the 1st of the month of Ramadan of the year 1426. I noticed that Dr. Zahir has not touched one important aspect of the problem which is central to Mr. Manikfan’s calculation. He had assumed that the great exodus (Hijrah) had taken place on a single day and it is evidently wrong. Islamic Era (Hijrah system) started 15 years after Hijrah. Dr. Zahir has singled out Muslims of Kerala as well as the people of Saudi Arabia to direct his criticism about celebration of Eid ul-Fitr and also the starting of Ramadan. I would like to point out here that Arabia received the message directly from the Prophet (Pbuh). People of Kerala heard about Islam from missionaries coming directly from Arabia. Let us keep the Muslims of Kerala out of all these petty controversies and leave them alone to practice the Ideology of Islam in its pristine glory.


Fading Zeal
S.M.Fazlur Rahman

Maqbool Ahmed Siraj’s report on Vaniyambadi Muslims in Islamic Voice-Nov 2005 was an eye-opener. In the past quarter century, the missionary zeal of the people of Vaniyambadi is fading fast. The religiousity seems to have simply vanished in terms of taqwa and politics of religion has penetrated instead. An attempt to open mosques for women was blatantly foiled in the name of religion only recently here. On civic conditions of the town, it is a stigma on the people of the town that they have not even thought of covering the drains, and even walking on any street is a torture, apart from the stinking Palar river. The community has not taken any pains to de-reserve the municipal constituencies.

Use and Misuse of Funds
Asrar Ahmad
Rakhpur (UP)

Many Muslim Institutions in India run on the contributions of people. Trusts and Welfare Funds are set up to serve the poor and the downtrodden. But why is it that the Managing Committees of most of these Trusts assume the dominating role and instead divert these funds for feasting, festivities and tea parties. The contributor to such Trusts has all the right to question the misuse of the funds. But sadly nobody really stands up and questions this. I am sure Islamic Voice will throw light on this subject through articles about how Muslim-managed institutions collapse because a few people heading it mismanage the funds. It will be interesting if directives from the Quran and the Hadith can be quoted about how honesty is the prime requirement in dealings with people or even with organisations.