Islamic Voice
Safar 1422H
May 2001
Volume 15-05 No:173

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Interview: Prof. K. M. Bahauddin


Prof. K. M. Bahauddin

‘History is being Distorted to Prove Nativity of Aryans’

He was trained as an engineer taking an ME from Manchester University. He was instrumental in setting up Durgapur steel plant and later came to academics and then headed the Regional Engineering College in Calicut. He then became pro Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University and finally headed the National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) in Delhi. Back to his native Kerala, he has devoted his grey years to combating distortion of history. Author of two books, first the Kerala Muslims: The Long Struggle and the second in Malayalam on structural changes in Kerala society, Prof. K. M. Bahaud din is now a prolific writer on history in Malayalam newspapers. He recently spoke to Maqbool Ahmed Siraj of Islamic Voice on the stratagems of the saffron historians:

What are the larger motives and methods behind distortion of history in India?

The Sangh Parivar “historians” are trying to prove that Aryans were original inhabitants of India. This is in pursuit of their effort to exclude Muslims and Christians from the pale of original inhabitants. They are moving earth and skies to prove that Mohenjadaro and Harappa or Indus Valley civilization is their contribution. But all available evidences show the opposite picture. Max Mueller says that they were from Central Asia. Dayanand Sarswati says they came from Tibet. Balgangadhar Tilak said they came from Arctic Circle. D. D. Kosambi, a mathematician-turned-historian, theorized that they had no permanent abode. Rig Veda (ch. 10 v. 63) says the Aryans came from far away lands. If they had a permanent residence or country, they would have mentioned it.

Therefore it appears that the Aryans were nomadic tribes. The Rig Veda refers to several battles. All those places of battles were in Afghanistan or the Western side of the Indus river. They also refer to Indus river flowing northwards. There is a small area in Kashmir where it happens. This indicates that they might have come through Afghanistan and settled on the western side of the Indus river and then crossed the river.

The scholars date the period of Rig Veda to BC 1000 to 700. Present knowledge is that Aryans came to India sometimes between 2500 to 1500 BC. If indeed this is the case for nearly 500 to 800 years, it indicates that Aryans may not have had a language.

In contrast to this, the Indus Valley civilisation had a language and was a developed urban civilization. A civilization may die but if a language has to die that requires all the people who spoke that language to disappear. If Indus civilisation was Aryan, how is that the language cannot be deciphered while Aryans are still on the scene in large numbers. It indicates that Aryans may not have had a language at all.

Moreover, in the Indus civilization several thousand seals of animals are found but not of horse which carries a lot of importance among Aryans.

Q: Some US based historians have claimed evidence of horse seals in the Indus Valley civilization.

It is a big farce and fraud on history. Two European authors have published details of the so called historians’ attempts to get to the truth behind these seals. They have come to the conclusion that a broken seal of a unicorn was used to manipulate and a picture of a horse was obtained through morphing by computer. This was being peddled for sometime as an ancient evidence of presence of horse. This scam of historiography has been successfully busted by the two Europeans.

What are the major distinguishing traits of the two people which the parivar is unsuccessfully trying to fudge?

In Mohenjodaro, there were reservoirs, water canals, grain storages, wide roads, bathrooms, and an excellent water management system together with other facilities. This shows that it was an urban civilization based on agriculture economy. But Aryan economy was based on animal herds, shepherdery and they used horses for controlling the herds. The Indus people used to bury their dead while Aryans used to burn them.

Do you see similar archaeological manipulation in the Babri Masjid case?

Babar never went to Ayodhya. Babar Namah explicitly instructs Humayun to respect the sentiments of the majority community. There is no evidence of destruction of a temple in Ayodhya, nor any trace of Rama being born there. Poet Tulsi Das stayed for long in Ayodhya and did not mention about it. Whole history is being fabricated. Fascism grows by pointing out an enemy. And Muslims are convenient target for that. Backward class leader Laloo Yadav in one of his speeches in Calicut said that the biggest political struggle for equality is taking place in the Hindu community so that those communities who form the majority among the Hindus would like to have a share in the political power and the fruits of development. This is being denied to delay the process of equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities and bring about social justice. The Hindutva parivar is now playing the divide and rule game in order to blunt the clamour for social justice.

Not only history, the Sangh parivar elements are trying to saffronise even education. They are teaching astrology, making Sanskrit as compulsory. Archaeology is being distorted. There is an organized move to mutually quote and create credibility for each other’s fabricated history.


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